API Gasket ring

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China API Gasket Ring HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd can offer ring joint gasket/ RTJ gasket/ gasket ring/ R, RX, BX gasket ring/ Ring gasket/Oval, octagonal gasket ring/ Oval , octagonal ring joint gasket.
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Key Specifications / Features

Oval, octagonal ring joint gaskets which are processed by professional equipments are especially used in ring joint face flange. Both the oval and octagonal gaskets can be applied to flat flange. 
Standard: ASME B18.20.API,ASNI,EN and so on.

Material Hardness Temperature Sign
Soft Iron 90 540 D
Carbon Steel 120 540 S
410SS 170 600 410
304SS 160 760 304
316SS 160 760 316
347SS 160 925 347
R-Type, Oval Type Standard oval type metal ring joint gasket is applied to flange with standard fillister.
R-Type, Octagonal Type
Standard octagonaltype metal ring joint gasket is applied to flange with standard concave groove.
RX Type 
Maximum Pressure:700 Bar 
When using this gasket,first let the outer sealing face meet the flange, and then the pressure of the system will produce high pedestal stress. RX-Typecan and Standard R-Type are interchangeable .
BX-Type BX-Typ e gaskes can bear high pressure. The maximum can reach 1500 Bar.The pressure of the inside system produced by the pressure the bed of the gasket makes sealing effect.     
This tpye of kind gasket is applied to API BX flange and tongue and groove facing flange.

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