Corrugated Gasket

Corrugated gasket is made of thin metal sheet with pressed corrugations - usually concentric around the bore, consisting of a corrugated metallic core enveloped by a graphite coating. Excellent micro sealing performance form the graphite is combined with the strength of the metallic core. The gaskets can be directly replaced for spiral wound gaskets and can eliminate inward buckling issues while creating a seal at moderate flange stresses, which is suitable for irregular flanges.
Corrugated Gasket Types:
Basic Type
With Non-Metallic Layers
1. Surface configuration with corrugations enables the gasket to adapt to rough or irregular flange surfaces without undue compressive load.
2. Provides efficient seal under varying conditions of temperature and pressure.
3. Can be customized in any suitable metal.

Operating range
Pressure: p = 100 bar.
Temperature: t = -20 °C … +280 °C.
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 … 14.

How to order
Standard size: Corrugated Gasket(EN1514-4 DN100 PN40).
Material: S316 +Graphite.
Non-standard: Specified size like 950x910x3.
Material: SS316+Graphite.

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corrugated gasket cover graphite/ptfe
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