Octagonal ring joint gasket coated Cadmium

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China Octagonal Ring joint gasket coated Cadmium manufacturer HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd can offer Ring joint gasket RTJ gasket, which have three sharp: oval(elliptic), octangal, and lens
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Key Specifications / Features

Ring joint gasket coated cadmium
flange RTJ gasket---for API cast iron gasket
Ring joint gasket RTJ gasket have three sharp: oval(elliptic), octantal, and lens
1 three type: R,RX,BX type
2 Different standard :ASME ,ASNI, JIS and etc.
3 seal(gasket, ring joint gasket)
 Raw materials: carbon steel, stainless steel 304,316,321,soft iron,ocr13,F5 
4 Applicable scope: temperature:-200~800℃  size:1/2'' to 30''  R11 to R105
                     pressure:0~40Mpa   150LB to 900LB
5 Suitable to: sealing of flanges at high temperature and pressure Pipeline
Usage: It is widely applied in petroleum processing, oil refining, electricity generated by firepower, textile and other light industries ,pharmacy ,pipeline of nature gas, valve etc.


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