Stub Bolt Full thread

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Model No.: HT STB-2 Hits: 25

China Stub Bolt Full thread Manufacturer HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd can offer Stub Bolt full thread, material A193 B7,A194 B8,1/4"-2",delivery time 10-15 days.
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Key Specifications / Features

Stub Bolt Full thread
Standard: customized sizes as per your need.  
Size: M16-M56 (1/4-1 3/4) or as per customers technical drawings showed.
Material: ASTM A193 B7, A194 B8
Delivery time: 10-15 days are available.
Salt spray time: 2 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 96 hours, 1000 hours we can do as per need. And can offer with salt spray checking report. 
Surface Finish: plain finish, zinc plating, chromate, nickel plating, copper finish, dacromet, waxing finish, anti-rust treatment.
Appearance: clear shiny surface, with complete neat body, without burrs and sharps. Inspection equipment: Hardness test, torque test,salt.endurance test,mechanical sizes test, as per your need. 

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