Company Culture

The manufacture of flange and pipe fittings is a process-mature industry. Now the whole industry has problems of Severe overcapacity, and serious product homogeneity, which lead to vicious competition of market price. Its results are "fake products, use the lower quality products to pretend to be the good ones, and rough manufacture" For example, Many Manufacturers of elbows are not honesty with the material and craft. Their products are shorter and 10% thinner than the standard ones. Some of the Manufacturer even process the seam elbows to simulate the real seamless ones, and process the cast flange to simulate the real forging ones.

And what's more, Never believe that this low-quality flange and pipe fittings is cheap. No, they are much more smarter than the customers. They will be a little cheaper than ours, but not much. Because if they are too cheap, the customer will not believe them.

HengTong Service Purpose

HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd insist on "Project Safe First" as our principle. We ensure to client that we supply the right products and as a experienced partner to provide value for money. We can deliver flanges and pipe fittings soonest in 3days and guarantee quality 2rd time longer others.

We will supply our professional service from the below aspects: 
First, Project safe is the first important factor to consider. Before an order released, we will communicate with customer for all technical requirement, if we can not meet, we will refuse at the beginning to save both sides time. And at the same time offer for price, delivery and other commercial terms for the right products.

Second, after an order is confirmed, we will revert the order tracking in time. And make the clients clear the status of any process. Reply the clients feedback during production. 

Last, a rather important point- the after-sale service. Many clients has bad experience about that once one or any products is inspected not suitable for installation although every test is no problem after production finished, they can not find the right Manufacturer to solve this products. This wont happen at HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd. If this situation happened, don’t worry, send us this products technical parameter, we can replace for free in 3days whatever the problem product is bought from us or not.